We Can Help With Shipping

Here’s how Tati can help. 

It's simple:

Check out the great ideas about how to raise money for shipping (thanks African Library Project!) here.

Consider selling something to help fundraise too.  If scouts can sell cookies, book drive organizers can sell STW bookmarks!  Let Tati know and she’ll tell you how.

Got a donation for shipping that needs to go to a recognized charity?

1st.  Send Tati an email (SpreadTheWords@yahoo.com) telling her about your book drive (your group's name, adult contact information, how many books you've collected and where they are going to be shipped to).


2nd.   Make the donation payable to "RandomKid / Tati's Spread the Word project" and send it to Spread the Words.  Make sure the donation says which book drive organizer it is for so we know it is yours.   If the donation is $250 or more, also send Tati the donor's name, address and phone number so Tati can send him/her/it a thank you for you. (That’s its tax receipt.)


3rd.  Borrow the money you need to ship your books from your house-to-New Orleans and once they've been sent off, send Tati your packing and postage receipts (showing how much you paid and the New Orleans address you sent your books to).



4th.  Tati will pay you back with a check (don't forget to tell Tati the name and address of who to pay it to).


5th.  To pay for the shipping for the New Orleans-to-Africa part, send the rest of what you raised to the African Library Project or Tati will do it for you.

90% of donations sent to Spread the Words will be used to pay for shipping your books to Africa; Tati will use any that is left over to help others ship books to Africa too. The other 10% will help kids start or grow their own charitable projects like Spread the Words through RandomKid (www.RandomKid.org).  RandomKid is an award-winning non-profit that raises millions of dollars to help youth of all ages, backgrounds and abilities start projects to help others.


Spread the Words will help with up to 5 donations of any size for each library you start!  Any size and kind of donation will work, but this works best for donors who want a tax deduction or who can only donate to established charities (called IRS 501(c)(3)s). 


Go to Donations for Spread the Word’s address.

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